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Middle East/Arabian Gulf Cruise Deals

Cruising Middle East/Arabian Gulf

Middle East/Arabian Gulf Cruise Deals

If you’re looking into Arabian Gulf cruise deals, you’ll find that these cruises range from seven day journeys to 36 day adventures. You’ll find that the vessels traveling to these exotic destinations come in all sizes. But what you don’t know yet is that every port offers a completely unique experience on these Arabian Gulf cruise deals.

When you opt for the smaller liners you’ll feel as if you’ve chartered a yacht with a private crew. But when choosing a large ship among the Arabian Gulf cruise deals, you not only get white glove service but an unconventional standard of elegance.

Arabian Gulf cruise deals are best enjoyed between the months of November through May when the seas are calm. However do inquire about the dates of Ramadan as most places will be closed. Cruises that sail through the Arabian Gulf embark from a number of different ports including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Fujairah and Nizwa.

Whatever port of call you reach, you’ll experience a diversity of sceneries and cultures. When passing through Muscat, the capital of Oman, you’ll want to visit the Jelali Fortress which dates back to the 16th century. See the Grand Mosque, the only one to allow people of other faiths to enter. Go to a local market and have your hands painted with henna. Relax on the pristine beaches and witness rich archaeological sites. Go on a diving adventure in the waters of the Musandam Peninsula. If you’re adventurous, join in a desert safari and witness the majesty of enormous sand dunes.

After a day of navigating the high seas on one of these Arabian Gulf cruise deals, you’ll arrive in Khasab, best known for its panoramic vistas of the fjords. Take a wooden boat (dhow) and head to one of the villages. You’ll have opportunities to see pre-historic cave drawings or snorkel amidst beautiful coral reefs.

Visitors always rave about the Desert Park in Sharjah. It’s the only wildlife preserve of the Arabian Peninsula and a definite must see.

When disembarking in Bahrain, you’ll have a chance to visit a 19th century Sheik’s house and view ancient Qu’ranic manuscripts. But do leave time to shop for textiles and hand-woven carpets.

Let the modernism of Doha the capital of Qatar impress you. Explore the jewelry and spice markets before setting sail.

The contemporary city of Dubai will blow your mind with amenities such as an indoor skating rink right beneath the ardor of the desert sun. Cross the Dubai Creek and you’ll experience the old world life.

You’ll agree that the Arabian Gulf cruise deals will provide out-of-the-ordinary discoveries.

Don't Miss
▪ Camp overnight in one of Oman’s many wadis or sandy beaches.
▪ Scuba dive in the blue-green waters in Qatar.
▪ Step back in time when browsing through the timeless open-air markets of Dubai.
▪ Take a desert safari trip and experience the magic and allure of Dubai’s endless sand dunes.
▪ Take a hot air balloon ride over the mesmerizing skyline of Dubai.
▪ Take a short boat ride to the Hawar Islands and watch the dolphins play in the warm gulf waters.
▪ Take advantage of duty-free shopping in Dubai, the shopping capital of the Middle East.
▪ Visit Qatar’s Inland Sea by taking an off-road vehicle tour.
▪ Visit the exotic city of Muscat, a picturesque Arabian city with white washed buildings and a meandering outdoor market.
▪ Watch the captivating camel races at one of the many racetracks throughout the United Arab Emirates.

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