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Cruising Coquimbo

Cruise to Coquimbo

The Coquimbo regions coastline possess many beaches with warm waters ideal for water sports: swimming, rowing, waterskiing, diving, windsurfing and yachting. The sea generously provides numerous sought after productos which form the basis of the are'as rich gastronomy. Conger eel, sole, croaker, razor clams and large oysters are cooked in many different ways to satisfy even the most demanding palates. The seaside resorts in this area have an ever increasing amount of hotels. Furthermore, there are comfortable and well-equipped camping sites, whose use is enhanced by the total lack of rain during the Summer. The development of tourism in the area is favoured by efficient transport and telecommunication services, the good condition of the road network enables one to move about comfortably in the region and from Santiago.  

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