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Cruising Isla Robinson Crusoe

Cruise to Isla Robinson Crusoe

The Robinson Crusoe Island has about 600 inhabitants; all of them live in San Juan Bautista, a little town with a cove with about 100 boats. The most interesting tourist sport practiced there is called CONAF. The island shelters unique animal species and exuberant flora. The Portuguese Sailor, Juan Fernandez, discovered the archipelago in 1574. However, the person who made famous this island was Alejandro Selkirk, a sailor who was abandoned there in 1704. He was rescued by a ship that brought him back to England after four years and four months. It was him who inspired Daniel Dafoe’s famous novel of Robinson Crusoe. The island has a post office, public phones, internet, satellite TV and many other public facilities. You can dive and fish there too. The best period of the year to visit the Island is between September and April.  

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