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Cruising Punta Arenas

Cruise to Punta Arenas

The capital of the province of Magallanes is Punta Arenas, which comprehends from Cordillera del Paine on the north to Cape Horn on the south. The cordillera de los Andes offers a scenery divided by big creeks crossed by channels that form interior seas, like gulfs Almirante Montt and Isla Riesco. From Torres del Paine, the Andes turn their north south direction to end in the Beagle Channel with an east-west direction. The province presents attractions offered by nature itself in the Strait of Magellan, Cerro de la Cruz, the penguin colony in Seno de Otway, the Forest Reserve Ferdinand Magellan, the National Park Pali Aike, and many other sites like museums and institutes at the end of the continent  

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